Pitch Music Showcase: Diverse, Katy & Go-Go, Soft Reeds, Making Movies, Hipshot Killer, Hearts of Darkness, and more (review)

This year was the first Pitch Music Showcase where food trucks were part of the festivities, and when I arrived early Saturday evening, I went directly to them. Along with one of the Showcase’s eight stages, the trucks were at the Back Yard at the Beaumont. Perhaps you know this area as the Westport Beach Club. But the Beach Club is no more; it is the Back Yard now, and soon you will start to sound old if you keep calling it the Westport Beach Club.

It’s quite pleasant back there — there is actual grass beneath your feet and picnic tables. I sat on one of those picnic tables with a hamburger I ordered from the Indios Carbonsitos truck. In addition to a large beef patty, this hamburger contained jalapenos, bacon, three types of sauces, and a chicken-flavored hot-dog patty sliced in half. I removed the top bun and gave the sandwich a long hard look. Behind me, the B’Dinas were noodling out some backyard-friendly blues-pop. I shook my head and flicked the hot dog off the patty, onto the basket. On this night, I would get my fix of excess in music, not food. Yep, just the bacon and cheese and jalapenos and half-pound of beef for me. Call it maturity, call it a heroic act, call it courage, call it what you will. On to the shows.

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