Pitch Black dining experience coming to Kansas City this summer


Courtesy of Hidden Media Network Public Relations

Pitch Black, a new dining experience is coming to Kansas City this June. This new concept dining experience will be held at a secret location and feature dining in the dark. Once you arrive, you’ll enter a warmly lit room before being seated, and blindfolded, for your meal. You choose between two secret menus—dietary restrictions and allergies will be accounted for and patrons have the option to pre-order drinks to accompany their food. 

The company claims that the absence of distractions, like sight, heightens the diners’ senses and creates a better dining experience. With sight gone, diners’ focus is on taste, smell, mouthfeel, sound, and conversation of the evening. 

Tickets are $80 to dine at Pitch Black and patrons will have a 90-minute time slot to consume their drink and a two-course meal. A live host will also be entertaining diners with games and challenges related to the sensory experience. 

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