Pistachios recalled

Another day. Another nut recalled by the FDA.

Yesterday the FDA said it was recalling pistachio products from the California-based Setton Pistachio. The company has issued what is so far a voluntary recall but it could get ugly quick.

From the FDA: “Because the pistachios were used as ingredients

in a variety of foods, it is likely this recall will impact many

products. In addition, the investigation at the company is ongoing and

may lead to additional pistachio product recalls.”

One week ago Kraft found salmonella in its Back to Nature Trail Mix and recalled it. Then, five days ago, the Georgia Nut Company tested its pistachios and found them to be positive for salmonella. At that point the FDA got involved and traced it back to Setton Pistachio.

So far, the six other products on the FDA’s pistachio product recalls page are in-shell products including Frito-Lay’s pistachios and Kroger brand pistachios. But since Setton Pistachio is the second-largest distributor in the country, its products are in many yet-to-be recalled items. To be on the safe side, the FDA is asking people to avoid pistachios altogether until it knows what is and isn’t contaminated. 

There is a silver lining to this cloud.

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