Whereas most of Unified One’s tunes could pass as secular selections, Pillar’s lyrics leave no doubt about the group’s Christian leanings. In the hands of this band, even a song called “Secret Agent” turns out to have a religious twist, with lines such as never gonna be undercover in sin. Musically, Pillar favors mild alternative-rock, with singer Rob Beckley’s radio-friendly voice wafting over pleasant guitar riffs. However, the group does have its wilder moments, such as its forays into rap/metal on the title track and on “Time to Play,” a 311-style romp that contains the line Let’s praise Jesus Christ with a new kinda song. Still, when it comes time to close the album, Pillar forsakes this newfangled holy hardcore for the tame acoustic number “Beautiful Savior,” which serves both as a showcase for Beckley’s vocal skills and as the record’s final, and strongest, testament to faith.

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