Photos: Pride 2021 made for a diverse and delightful weekend

KC Pride Fest. // Photo by Jim Nimmo

A family enjoys KC Pride fest. // Photo by Jim Nimmo

The Show-Me Kansas City Pride Festival took place over the weekend at Theis Park, featuring a main stage with local acts, vendors, food trucks, family activities, and more.

Last year’s Pride Fest was canceled due to Covid and this year’s celebration was decidedly different than the last. The festival was moved from June to August and was held in Frank A. Theis Park near the Plaza, as opposed to the old location of River Front Park.

The Pride Parade was back for the first time in over 10 years. Hosted by KSHB’s Dan Cohen, hundreds of people lined the streets to watch the parade go by and then followed it to the park for the festival.

The LGBTQ+ community is diverse and being inclusive to all members of the community creates a Mardi Gras atmosphere that offers something for every member of the community and their allies.

Photographers tend to focus on the leather-clad adults who lead human puppies on leashes, the drag queens in stiletto heels who lip-sync on the Main Stage, or the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgences who opened the festival with blessings of love and warnings to get vaccinated. We sometimes forget that it’s the ordinary that truly gives Pride Fest its importance.

It’s the little boy who comes with both moms and nobody notices. It’s the 15-year-old girl who can walk hand in hand with her first crush and no one questions the two of them. Pride Fest is for the straight parents who are allies and bring their children to Pride because they want their children to grow up without hate. Pride Fest is important because it reminds an entire community that they are exactly that. A community that stands together.

That’s why Pride Fest is important. In spite of all the bling and leather, it’s really all about family.

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