Photos: moe. bring their unstoppable hybrid groove to the Truman

Photo May 04 2023 7 43 12 Pm

moe. // photo by Allison Scavo

The Truman
Wednesday, May 3

For the last three decades, moe. has been a band built upon evolutionary expansions of themselves. To categorize the band’s genre would be futile, for they are improvisation-ists heavily influenced by both Grateful Dead and Frank Zappa with twangs of blues, rock, jazz, funk, and psychedelia. Their innumerable musical forms create an original journey rich with guileful lyrics accompanying lengthy songs that radiate and invite the masses for seemingly unstoppable grooves.

Their immensely large fan base, “moe.rons,” follow them from the band’s native New York all across the globe, loyally stream the live shows from home, and create original pieces of art honoring them. Originally recording in apartment complexes and releasing only on cassette, moe. is a self-made band that subtly rose to the top and continues to grow. Catch a glimpse of the show here.

All photos by Allison Scavo (Intsta: @scavosphotos).

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