Photos: Girl Talk super-collided the entire history of sound at the Truman


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Girl Talk at The Truman. // Photo by Chris Ortiz

Girl Talk
with Hugh Augustine
The Truman
Saturday, April 9

Over the weekend, Girl Talk swung through KC for a show that had been rescheduled multiple times over the last 27 months. At The Truman, Gregg Gillis delivered on his promise that a few years of being grounded from travel meant that a new leaner, meaner Girl Talk would be hitting the circuit. Gillis’ trademark brand of mash-up dance music and irreverent humor on a molecular decibel level resulted in an evening of unrelenting fun. Brutal fun.

Never once taking a pause between tracks, Gillis delivered a full hour and a half of non-stop energy, flanked on all sides by dancers, friends, strangers, and electric palm trees. Girl Talk is the only live DJ act where dropping all the balloons from the ceiling makes more sense during the first notes of the show, instead of over the finale.

While plenty of shows have graced the Truman stage as the concert world starts to return, none of them have been so purely fun. A Truman event usually means we’re writing up some detailed thoughts about setlist, performance, and conceptualization around a tour and its theme. Nope. Not here. Empty head, no thoughts. Just pure, unabashed fun.

And lots of sweating. If you’re catching this show at a later date, we beg of you to hydrate ahead of time. You think you’re drinking enough water to prep for this? You’re not. Drink more. You aren’t ready for Jay-Z to hit over that “Steal My Sunshine” beat. Or whatever. It’s hard to remember specifics.

Our photographer Chris Ortiz (Insta: @fastboyent) was there to document it all.

Girl Talk

Hugh Augustine

The Crowd

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