Photos: Garbage live in KC last night at T-Mobile

Alongside Alanis Morissette and Cat Power.
Photo by Chris Ortiz

Garbage is paranoid. // Photo by Chris Ortiz

Alanis Morissette’s 25th-anniversary tour of Jagged Little Pill has been a tour-de-force… of a tour. The 1996 come-back-to-life roving band of Morissette, Garbage, and Liz Phair seemed like an impossible throwback. And indeed, it was. Phair was out, to be replaced by Cat Power. Such things happen.

Thusly, the 90s hardcore revamp show hit the T-Mobile Center.

Morissette led an evening harkening back to dozens of hits that you know the words alongside, if only because they’re imprinted upon your DNA. The rest of the show may not have mattered to you around that.

With Cat Power’s set demoted to a few moments and Liz erased from the bill entirely, it would make sense to feel a sense of cultural loss. T’were it not for Garbage’s presence.

Of all the musicians included in the versions of this tour, Garbage is the only one to have released a new album that is—not only good—but heightening in a manner that calls career height attention; i.e. it is quite good and go listen to it now. While Alanis dabbled in the past and Cat Power was offered no room to dabble at all, Garbage’s hour became the most interesting part of the evening.

Here’s their set and a photo set from their performance.

As they say post-every show: “We’ve been Garbage fuck you.” And they’ve never sounded better.

Photo gallery by Chris Ortiz:

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