Photographer Megan Ganey’s snapshots from Saturday’s protests

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Protests from the Plaza spilled over into the rest of the city. Local photographer Megan Ganey sent in these photos from the event.

From Megan:

We were there from 7:30-9 p.m.

We got some of the tear gas in the wind, but it wasn’t too bad. The tear gas was pretty intense, that one photo of the woman coughing had just been gassed. A group of people came running, coughing, trying to rinse their eyes, some of them experiencing a lot of pain and shock honestly.

The second time (while we were there) that the police through the tear gas into the crowd (that was in the park, not on the street) the crowd threw it back.

I didn’t see any agitators, just people checking in on each other. I tried to keep my distance, but I was kind of near the police line. Some people were trying to put out the fire, one woman spit on it while it was burning. There were residents in some of the apartment buildings watching and drinking beers on their patios, one patio around the corner on Wornall was having a party. It was pretty bizarre; two worlds. One woman with a megaphone was trying to refocus, telling people about Ryan Stokes and the police officer who was forced out for telling the truth.

I have been to a lot of protests at the Plaza fountain and this one felt completely different. There was more rage, more frustration, more urgency.

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