Phoenix at the Uptown

​Thomas Mars would like for you to dance. But only if you want to.

“This is a dance one, if you guys don’t mind,” Mars said between songs, shaking his hair out of his eyes. Mop-topped and dapper in a baby blue button-down, Phoenix‘s frontman is earnest and puppy-dog sweet. (And he’s got that swoon-inducing French accent, to boot.) But Thomas Mars can rock out. And his band? They can fucking kill it.

The French pop band has enjoyed a slew of press, play and props in the last year, scoring a Grammy, a Cadillac commercial, a hit album and heaps of screaming American fans.

This is because, musically speaking, Phoenix is a delightful date. They will pull out your chair, pay for your dinner, and they’ll even kiss you goodnight (on the cheek, of course). They’re funny; they’re polite, and they’re a damn good time. But don’t be fooled. As proven by last night’s smoking show at the Uptown, Phoenix isn’t quite as goody-two-shoes as your mother thought they were.

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