Phocas Cubed

People have their obsessions. Ahab had his white whale. Indiana Jones had his Ark of the Covenant. I send Gary Coleman love letters written in my own blood. Hey, diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks, right? Well, Todd Comer has house music. Three years ago, the photographer known as Phocas was working on a photo essay about the dance-music culture in Kansas City when he decided to start to showcase the rave and club scenes. Fast-forward. The Web site is a successful ‘zine devoted to local electronic music, and Comer is heralding the third anniversary of his labor of love with Phocas Cubed, a celebration of all things house. The event has corralled a solid lineup that includes national and regional artists such as Dave Brock, Brent Crampton (pictured), Xplicit and a Kansas City contingent headed by Billpile, Maxx, and Rob Lee vs. Josh C. Thus, one man’s obsession reaps benefits for us all. Now if only Gary would reply to one of my letters.

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