Phelps and Co. to protest Dio funeral

While we hate having to give the Westboro Baptist Church any further press, the following quote regarding the church’s upcoming protest at Ronnie James Dio’s funeral gave us pause:

WBC to picket this public memorial to remind you who worship that old Serpent, Satan, that your time is very short. You know 67 year old, Satan-worshiping (or at least one of their enablers) Ronnie James Dio (of showing his devil horns to the world each time he goes in public) Black Sabbath fame is dead, right?

Yep — it just goes to show you that if you engage in occult activities, you’ll die before your time.

So, look out, Ozzy Osbourne (61), Jimmy Page (66), Bruce Dickinson (51), Eric Bloom (65), Alice Cooper (62), and Gene Simmons (60) — your days are numbered!

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