Peter Kinder won’t run for governor

  • Peter Kinder isn’t ready for the big time.

It hasn’t been Peter Kinder’s year. And it looks like he won’t get the job he wanted next year. Sources tell Politico and The Star that Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder will not run for governor. It had long been assumed that Kinder would run and be the Republican front-runner, but he has now decided against it. One state Republican leader told Politico’s David Catanese, “He’s flipped on a dime. He made a seismic shift.”

Kinder’s reputation and credibility took a major hit this summer when The Riverfront Times in St. Louis broke the story that Kinder had frequented strip clubs and had an odd friendship with Tammy Chapman, a former Penthouse pet turned cocktail waitress. Chapman told RFT that Kinder had offered to let her stay at his St. Louis condo, which he paid for with campaign dollars. Kinder also suffered a humiliating episode this spring when his Ford SUV was stolen, driven into a gun shop and set on fire. Kinder admitted later that he had left his keys inside the vehicle. And The St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran stories outing Kinder for using tax money to reimburse himself for a ridiculous amount of hotel stays.

The Star‘s Steve Kraske says he got Kinder on the phone today, but Kinder wouldn’t comment. His official announcement is expected on Sunday.

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