Peter Kinder quotes Dean Martin to prove he’s not a creepy dude who goes to strip clubs … still sounds creepy

  • Peter Kinder tries to clean up his mess.

Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder is probably going to run for governor. Good for him. But Kinder has the little matter of a stripper’s claims to mop up. He tried to do so yesterday, going on a media blitz.

Kinder is a little late to this no-pants party. The photo of him with former Penthouse Pet Tammy Chapman came out two weeks ago — a story broken by the good folks at the Riverfront Times. Chapman later did an interview with the RFT, saying Kinder was her best customer when she was a stripper at the Diamond Cabaret in Sauget but also saying Kinder got rough with her during private dances. She claimed Kinder was so creepy that she asked him to quit visiting her.

Kinder is finally getting around to responding. Well, other than blaming Gov. Jay Nixon.

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