Pete Anderson

Dwight Yoakam should get the credit for almost single-handedly bringing country back to Nashville, but it was right-hand man Pete Anderson, his guitarist and producer, who injected the Bakersfield into Yoakam’s best records. Anderson is also known for anchoring (among others) Michelle Shocked’s Short Sharp Shocked and manning the mixer on our own Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys’ Your Favorite Fool. Because he rarely sings, this time out he’s touring with Moot Davis, a New Jersey country crooner who knows his way around a train song. Still, nobody shows up at a show just because of the performer’s nose for talent or for his production credits; it’s Anderson’s huge roots-rock guitar that puts him in a league with slingers like Bo Ramsey and Junior Brown. Anderson’s hands know the music — the Delta blues, machine-gun surf and all that expansive country in between.

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