Pepsi with a hint of mouse?

It sounds like something out of a movie, but a Florida couple is claiming to have found a mouse in their Diet Pepsi.

Amy and Fred Denegri were grilling at their home in Ormond Beach last week when they reportedly found the nasty surprise in the second-to-last can of Diet Pepsi in a 36-pack purchased from Sam’s Club. Amy talked to WFTV Orlando about her husband’s reaction: 

“He made a face. I was sitting there and he said it tasted awful and something wasn’t right.”

The couple has filed a report with the Food and Drug Administration. Her husband Fred’s statement to a FDA inspector, including the following:

“I shook it a little to try and get it out. It wouldn’t come out. I took it in the house and showed it to my wife [sic] when she looked in the can and then tried to pour it out on a plate. I did not go to a doctor. I feel fine.”

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