Paws meet Claus at Penn Valley Dog Park, Sunday, December 14

Photo courtesy Julie Weeks. Click here for a slideshow.

Because dogs are children, too, Santa Claus offered his lap to them on Sunday at Penn Valley’s off-leash dog park. A member of the Dogpark Improvement Group, which sponsored the event, photographed each pooch that posed with Kris Kringle and e-mailed the shots to owners later in the day at no cost. The photo above is one such freebie. That’s my miniature pinscher, Scooby, getting palmed by Old St. Nick, who offered me a bit of stinging wisdom when informed that my dog had been naughty that morning — overturning the kitchen trash, strewing refuse all over the house and gorging himself on leftover ham (again). “There are no bad dogs, just bad owners,” Santa said. I say bah humbug to that.

Crystal K. Wiebe

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