“Calling on You” by Paulson, from All at Once (Doghouse Records):

A licensed shrink would have a field day with Paulson singer Logan LaFlotte, based on the New Jersey quintet’s All at Once. LaFlotte is an unabashed playa. He’s an available rebound guy for distraught young things. He’s committed to one girl. And just because he’s, like, really paranoid doesn’t mean somebody isn’t after him. Fortunately for Paulson’s manager, the others in the band lack such identity issues. They ably shore up their conflicted leader’s maudlin whine with the sort of post-emo rock that might yet propel Paulson to whatever today’s equivalent of The O.C. is.

Paulson, with He Is Legend, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, and Modern Life Is War. Monday, July 9, at the Bottleneck.

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