Pasta-tively Perfect: Zero Zero Pasta’s new storefront offers delicious twists on the taste of Italy

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An assortment of weekly pasta varieties found at the Westside storefront. // Courtesy Zero Zero Handmade Pasta

There are many premium pasta options in Kansas City, and one of them just got a lot easier to sink your teeth into. Zero Zero Handmade Pasta, previously only available at farmer’s markets and through a one-day-per-week online order, has a new storefront—and expanded inventory—that you can find in the Westside neighborhood.

Located in what used to house Ibis Bakery, Zero Zero still offers their pasta-of-the-week pickup and delivery every Thursday through their website, but the newly-opened store allows them to play with many more pasta options than before. Co-owner Leah Steinberg loves the versatility it allows them to have.

“Our delivery service started building a little following, but it could be tough if someone fell in love with one week’s pasta,” Steinberg says. Since Zero Zero was working with fresh pasta, they previously operated on a single pasta-of-the-week format, meaning favorites would cycle in and out of rotation. “[Now] we’re able to keep several different varieties on hand—if you’ve had one you like through us, you’ll probably find it in our freezer,” she says.

Along with Steinberg, the culinary mind behind Zero Zero is Mitch Fagan, who has always enjoyed cooking as a hobby. Like many of us, Fagan took his interests to the next level during the early stages of the pandemic as he and Steinberg started refining recipes inspired by a 2019 trip through Italy. Fagan began a deep dive into the process and methods of traditional pasta making, and the two quickly realized that they had some delicious recipes on hand that they wanted to share.

“It started through a commissary kitchen in the West Bottoms, and we were amazed by how many people signed up for our first few deliveries,” Steinberg says. “We hadn’t even really planned on ever opening a true ‘shop,’ but we walked past the space, saw it was open, and looked into it on a whim. It was too good of an opportunity to pass up.”

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Courtesy Zero Zero Handmade Pasta

The storefront helps highlight one of the main appeals of Zero Zero: the freshness of their pasta. They work with several local producers; their eggs come from Campo Lindo Farms, much of their seasonal produce comes from Urbavore Urban Farm, and their flour comes from Marion Milling Company. Rather than most pasta you’d find at the grocery store, Zero Zero’s pasta isn’t dried; it’s frozen. It can go directly from the freezer to the stove. Just get some boiling water and drop it in.

When talking to Steinberg about Zero Zero’s most popular options, it seems clear that they specialize in pasta varieties that double as little pockets of goodness. She mentions a lemon-garlic agnolotti as their most popular item, alongside a corn and mascarpone ravioli. She also helpfully describes the difference for pasta rookies. Though both varieties are pockets, ravioli is made by layering a sheet of pasta, fillings, and a second sheet of pasta on top before cutting the squares. Agnolotti is made with a single long, thin sheet of pasta, to which you add a filling, fold the pasta over the top, and pinch the ends closed before finally cutting it to shape.

We all know that the easiest way to take pasta to the next level is with a delicious sauce, and Zero Zero’s got you covered on that front as well. They keep a number of varieties of housemade sauce in stock, but all you’ll really need is their best seller: a parmesan-cream sauce, seasoned to perfection with white pepper and garlic. Feel free to drink it straight from the jar.

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Courtesy Zero Zero Handmade Pasta

The new store allows for a few other fun wrinkles, but the big one is how things change on weekends. On Saturday, you can actually sit down at a number of small tables in the shop for Zero Zero’s pasta of the week, served fresh with a side of housemade focaccia. Nothing goes with fresh pasta and bread like a glass (or three) of wine, and that’s coming soon—Fagan is also a certified sommelier, and the team is working on getting their liquor license in place within the next few months so customers can enjoy a curated wine selection with their meal.

They’re also looking for opportunities to do pop-up events with other local businesses and to continue to grow their operation. If you’re craving some carbs for your evening meal, Zero Zero is a great place to check out. You might even call it a pasta-tively perfect destination. 

Zero Zero Handmade Pasta is located at 1702 Summit St., Kansas City, MO 64108. They are open Tuesday through Thursday from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. They are closed Sunday and Monday.


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