What happens when a tech dork throws a street party? Well, we dunno yet — this Friday is the first time that Doug Richards is giving it a shot. Richards is a self-described “second-generation nerd” who’s one of the founders of the local entertainment firm NoCoast. Now he’s using his connections across Kansas City’s art, music, technology and foodie scenes to drop a multi-sensory experience smack-dab in the middle of 19th Street and Baltimore. Two stages, one at either end of 19th Street, block traffic to allow street artists, musicians, dancers and pedestrians free rein. On-hand talent includes live art by Jason Sierra and graffiti artist Scribe; a spoken-word performance by Jose Faus, founder of the Latino Writers Collective; and DJ Roland. The only way into the festivities, which go from 4 to 11 p.m., is a $5 general-admission ticket or a $15 VIP ticket. See 

Fri., June 3, 4-11 p.m., 2011