Parkville’s Rusty Horse Tavern is now open and serving burgers and beer

  • Restaurateur Kevin Heaton found this treasure in an antique shop, and the new Rusty Horse Tavern is the result.

Parkville restaurateur Kevin Heaton – best known for his Stone Canyon Pizza operation on the riverfront hamlet’s main drag – opened his newest venture, Rusty Horse Tavern, last night at 6325 Lewis Street in the Parkville Commons. The location had been formerly occupied by a less-than-memorable Mexican restaurant, Agave Mexican Grill & Cantina.

The space is clean and attractive with an appealing, semi-enclosed outdoor patio and a separate bar area for more raucous patrons. Families (and there were quite a few of them dining last night) congregate in the main dining room. Between the really loud music and the wailing of a couple of tiny infants, it was hard to conduct a conversation, but our server was chatty, so we let him do the talking.

General Manager Brian Wilson was a former partner at Blanc Burgers, but that’s not the reason that the Rusty Horse Tavern menu (created by chef Lindsey Hintz) is so burger-heavy. Hey, it’s a tavern!

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