Hispanic rapper Panic’s promotional ditty, aptly titled the Madcell Mixtape, is filled with star-studded shout-outs, banging (albeit borrowed) beats and rhyme-spitting venom. Available free at www.panic, Madcell rallies comedian John Witherspoon of Friday frame, Pimp My Ride‘s Xzbit, infuego Hollywood actor John Leguizamo, Kansas City radio personality J.T. Quick and area music impresario Grant Rice (the mastermind behind rap collective the Empire, of which Panic is a member). Crank Yankers‘ Special Ed provides comic relief on what’s actually one of the more serious CD releases in the past 365 days. By the same oil-slick, platinum-coated token, Panic and his Empire comrades know how to have a good time as well, as evident in the “all is good” wordplay on the recently released lead single, “Just Like Heaven,” which is receiving ample airplay at Top 40 stations in Los Angeles, Houston, Sacramento and San Diego. Although it’s a loquacious 31 songs deep, Madcell should do well toward establishing Panic as one of the genre’s more verstaile MCs.

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