Pancheros Mexican Grill to open its first KC outpost on November 13

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  • The burrito race for your mouth continues.

The race to build a better burrito is on. Pancheros Mexican Grill is opening at 6040 N.W. Barry Road (a half-mile from U.S. Highway 71) on Tuesday, November 13.

This will be the first restaurant in Missouri for the chain, which started in Iowa City in 1992. In addition to “better built burritos,” Pancheros has salads, tacos, bowls and quesadillas that you order from the now industry-standard prep counter. It offers three meats: carnitas, grilled steak and chili-tamarind marinated chicken. Its menu also stands out for blue corn chips, queso for dipping/saucing, and tortillas made to order. I am intrigued by the paddle/spoon device nicknamed “Bob the tool,” which is used to mix up the ingredients before a burrito is folded together, to help avoid the dreaded bite of lettuce, bite of meat, bite of cheese effect.

Any Iowans care to weigh in on Pancheros?

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