Palin’s Going Rogue at the Fishtank: Now with video!

As we’ve thoroughly documented here, last night Kansas City’s favorite performers gathered to declaim from Sarah Palin‘s new book, Amelia Bedelia Runs For Office. This time, Amelia‘s literal-mindedness accidentally destroys the Republican Party for a whole generation!

Also, she tries to teach herself to fly and goes kerplump on an Alaskan boardwalk full of Alaskan history and decency.

Here are highlights from the first three readers, Ron Megee (in the ascot), David Wayne Reed (with the glasses) and Gail Bronfman Bunch (with both her knees scraped).

Dying camera batteries prevented me from capturing the epic and bosomy performance of Janet Henry, but, really, if I had, Tea Partiers might have drafted her impersonation as a third-party candidate. So it’s probably for the best.

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