Palace Parties centers queer voices in a collaborative cookbook

Palace Parties

Courtesy Wayne Moots

On Saturday, Sept. 3, Palace Parties, an organization known for hosting LGBTQIA+ soirees in KC, announced an invitation for local queer individuals to submit recipes to a collaborative cookbook. 

Palace Parties’ founder/former dishwasher/line cook/server Wayne Moots is no stranger to the food industry. At age 11, Moots was cooking for their family, and as they approaches their 30s, food continues to represent their life experience.

A cookbook, in the simplest sense, is a collection of recipes. Even then, what we cook and consume is an intimate reflection of land, politics, and culture, and its documentation serves as preservation and proliferation of the context in which it’s created.

In recent years, cookbooks have evolved to include a stronger voice. When done well, they transcend cooking ideas and instructions with stories of family and culture. 

In this vein, Moots encourages contributors to attach a story or anecdote about the origins of their recipe with the goal of centering a narrative not unfamiliar to the queer community: chosen family.

When Moots first moved to Kansas City, they were closeted. The cookbook is an attempt to give back to the community that allowed them to embrace their queer identity fully.

DM Moots or email to contribute. Submissions are due Friday, Sept. 3o.

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