Owen Hart’s widow talks about the anniversary of the pro wrestler’s death

May 23 will mark the 10th anniversary of pro wrestler Owen Hart’s death. Hart died in the ring during a WWE pay-per-view event in Kansas City at Kemper Arena. He plunged 78 feet after the quick-release mechanism opened as he was being used lowered from a catwalk into the ring. The Calgary Sun talked with Martha Hart, Owen Hart’s widow, about the anniversary of her husband’s death, raising her and Owen’s two children and starting the Owen Hart Foundation.

Martha Hart told The Sun:

“It’s interesting because in some ways it feels like such a short period of time — in other ways, it feels like it was a lifetime ago

“The hardest thing about losing him was it was so sudden … you have all this love still, and you don’t know what to do with it. It’s helped me as much as it’s helped the people who ended up being the recipients of the foundation.”

Martha Hart has kept going, and so has the WWE, which returns to Kansas City — this time the Sprint Center — on March 23.

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