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Gemini/Gemini Rising* (May 22-June 20): Hello, polliwog. As you make your way to
becoming an adult frog, what awareness must you possess of possible hazards. The
growth process is an organic one, but there are frenemies all around. A frenemy
knows your weaknesses best. Sometimes it is a thin line between a BFF and a
frenemy. You’re like a sailor who hasn’t crossed the equator for the first time
(also known as a polliwog). It’s rumored that you must cross-dress as you cross
the equator. The evolution? Taking on the garb of the opposite sex can be
liberating, no? (I suppose we could ask RuPaul or go to his University on LOGO)
Drag queens (or kings) aside, a major part of your psychic evolution as the
Twins includes integrating your inner male (if female) or inner female (if
male). As you age, dear polliwog, you will soften your strict adherence to the
rules of what is appropriate behavior. If only for one night, receptivity in
male or assertiveness in female can make your identity complete itself
internally. Then as fully grown, you no longer search for your other half, you
search for your other whole. Then too, just like those sailors (excuse me,
polliwogs) who cross the equator for the first time, you need a ritual
initiation to symbolically mark your growth from one mental/feeling state to
another, and back again …

Cancer/Cancer Rising* (June 21-July 21): For the past couple of months there have
been a gaggle of planets gathered in Aries, the only initiating fire sign to
challenge your initiating water sign. Can’t say something nice, then say nothing
at all. This may have been the wisdom of our great-great grandmothers, yet, you
have had to starve your beast of what’s appropriate to get to the root cause of
why you are the way you are. Aries insures you, hell, even demands you “fight or
flight,” show us how to please you. Do not automatically think that through
withdrawal, we will wonder what’s wrong, because there is not enough emotional
intelligence in most of us. However, if you’re traveling with or to family this
weekend, take the new found and hard won confidence with you. Teach them how to
treat you. After all, if no one is saying anything nice about you, then what
have you done for them lately, um, without expecting something in return?
Sometimes you have to convince others to care more.

Leo/Leo Rising* (July 22-Aug 22): Growing up is not the easiest thing to do.
First of all, you must learn to not only see, then feel, but live the difference
between responsibility and accountability. No, I am not, I repeat, not,
suggesting you live from a hackneyed position of “original sin.” Jesus ain’t
judging (period). (However, we can have long discussions about what his
organized followers are judging.) You are just correct (much like forward is to
straight for some diligent gays), not right. Being true (or correct) to yourself
and acting from integrity and excellence (even when it hurts another’s feelings)
makes you responsible. You become accountable when you are off path, playing to
other folks’ expectations and mooching. To mature is to know and appreciate what
your support system gives to you from their collective hearts. Verbally
expressing gratitude begins the short jaunt from accountability to
responsibility. I be guaranteeing it.

Virgo/Virgo Rising* (Aug 22-Sept 22): Afraid of Medusa and any entity that
personifies disorder? Chaos and String Theory, Quantum Physics abound. Right
now, the will of the planets wander through the area of your sky that requires a
re-mixing of sorts, combining your resources in a fresh and unique manner. What
you do not know, try to sense. What remains a mystery, try to accept. Then let
go of trying, just exist. Medusa was conjured and written by some very frightful
men. Men afraid of the power of the feminine, vow to destroy as well as create
life, to bleed but not to die. Some men examine their feces as an act of
creation (although not a bad idea, if you think you may be getting ill). You are
poised to increase your fertility, but you must leave behind the ideas of how
your creations are to come into being. What’s that you say, oh…the willing
suspension of disbelief? It can’t be that easy, can it? Realize there other ways
to ascertain the truth beyond words, logic and words. Check in with your inner
Medusa, that place of welcoming the “unnerving” or “imperfect” into your life.


Libra/Libra Rising* (Sep 23-Oct 22): Slowly withdrawing into an excellent
fantasy where there is no beginning or no end, that’s you. Let it happen. Maybe
you’ll go back with Mariah and pacifiers along with the Tom-Tom Club. The only
place where I’d recommend second opinions is with medical authorities. Other
than your physical health and wealth that you have no greater gains. Often your
guardian angel (Venus) allots you at least one attracting asset. How you use
said asset (and others) is entirely up to you. Whether you’re going to be turned
upside down or not remains entirely up to you. Check in with your inner
Presbyterian Priest, please. Consistently you search for that elusive balance
between being the party girl or manwhore with depth of true give and take. Maybe
the fantasy begins with what is truly possible in what’s you take for granted
within yourself.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising* (Oct 23-Nov 21): How do you come out, that is, how to do
you show more of your inner self? This process is beyond the closet; it has been
called ‘living out loud”. There are lots of planets representing different
frequencies. Giving and receiving love comes in many formats and relationships.
Let me be hoping so for a whole lots of ways to have groove be goin’ on. From
now until June 4 you get a free pass within your mind regarding how you hide
the ways and means and manners of showing physical affection. Period, allow
yourself to soften and molt into a self that is so magnetic that love is a
feeling beyond words. Law notwithstanding. Set yourself up (or those who carry
your inner rebellious ways) to be the one to challenge our collective inner
repressed mannerisms. This is not some tribute to politically correct realities,
it is about coming out in a harming none safe space vibe.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising* (Nov 22-Dec 19): As an adaptable fire sign, your
enthusiasms vary with the amount of people trending towards your interests. Huh?
Well, the younger “do it my way” soul version of your sign can be superficial
and given to succumbing to peer pressure. However, as your soul ages, your
interests deepen and flesh out. Presently, your passions lean towards health,
diet, nutrition, simply operating from a more efficient place. Watch out for
frustration at coworkers whom you perceive to not be working as hard as you. Use
your humorously blunt self to get your point across without coming off as
bitter, petty or self-congratulating. Call on those ancient spirits you have a
sense walk with you.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising* (Dec 21-Jan 19): You’ve been made so miserable,
you’ve been considering slitting your wrists the long way, that is from wrist to
elbow. That serious about bleeding out, huh? What about bleeding through into
another dimension or reality? Until the end of spring, you are to elect yourself
the leader of pleasure. No pain allowed unless you have communicated your safe
words. Court the hedonist inside of you. Use no knives to cut yourself
physically or mentally. End any and all masochistic tendencies, you are better
than that, better than your parents thought. Imagine you are living your life
under your own terms with minimal interference from your demanding superego. I’m
not suggesting you ignore all your messages from your frontal lobe, only to let
your freak flag fly proudly, you were born this way ala Lady Gaga.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising* (Jan 20-Feb 19): Mark Whitwell writes in Yoga of Heart
“There abounds a spiritual toxicity, communicated and driven through the
commercial exploitation of gullible people who are suffering. Questions and
ambitions are put in us that are not our own.” With your revolutionary ruler,
Uranus in the new beginnings sign of Aries, you are ready to transform, not
allowing others to pigeon hole your self-expression. You won’t be chilled in
speech or provoked to overreacting, you are charged to act within the bounds of
your self-examined internal spirit. It is a ‘know thyself’ time for you. You are
certainly not gullible, but you are given to suffering of idiots, fools who
behave as lemmings or sheep, content to live quietly desperate lives ala
Thoreau. Yet, you know your rewards come from true detachment from outcomes of
all kinds, placing you in a superior negotiating position. Remind yourself of
the better possible futures to come. Enjoy your life of a mind married to an
active heart. Without heart, your coldness can become legendary, off-putting,
and even cruel. Want reform? Begin in the mirror.

Pisces/Pisces Rising* (Feb 18-Mar 20): Along with Cancer folk, you could
remember your intrauterine experience, pre-birth as it were. Or you fantasize
about what heaven or nirvana must feel like. It is important part of your
development as a soul to bring this awareness into conscious focus. Accessing
the contents of your unconscious, giving labels to hidden parts of life can make
the difference between healthy enlightenment and a sullen reactive existence.
Addictions abound in direct proportion to your lack of investigation into the
intangibles aspects of life and living. Some find “it” in church, yoga, a
whiskey bottle, food, sex, art or any other escapist activity. The point is to
search for a lofty reflections of the unity you remember, desire and even, yearn
for on the physical plane. What of the heavens happening on earth, well, how
about it? More likely to occur once you set your heart and energy on integrating
the higher and lower without judging either.

Aries/Aries Rising* (Mar 21-Apr 19): Actively seek equality in your closest
partnerships, not too much you and not enough you, but the Goldilocks mean, that
‘just right’ factor. Deep, intense and bursting at the seams can make you seem
to be like the child who plays with the box the toy came in, yet, uninterested
in the toy. That could be an unfair characterization (unless you are bored which
says more about your relationship to yourself than to us). Simply, you have to
be made aware of the importance of other’s perceptions. Sometimes, we have to
repeat ourselves, ignore your instigations or the constant changing of subjects.
Headstrong or stubborn? Is there a true difference in how it plays out from a
behavioral standpoint? Allow time to consider ideas you haven’t thought of, to
dismiss them out of hand is a mistake. Compromise doesn’t have to be a bad word.


Taurus/Taurus Rising* (Apr 20-May 21): Until June 20, warrior and pioneering
Mars blazes his way through your sign. Normally laid back when your comfort is
being threatened, you will find yourself wearing red as well as showing signs of
passion without being concerned what the end result may be. Caution is still
your middle name, yet, there are forces compelling you to self-actualize. This
cycle happens once every 2 years. What did you begin in June, 2009 that commands
more attention and purpose now? A particular temptation of yours is complacency.
The yang/masculine Mars does not allow for inaction (seen any Aries people
lately?) If red doesn’t fit your color palette, try eggplant. These colors are
to remind you to get your potentially couch potato butt moving and inspired.

*The Rising Sign, aka Ascendant represents your approach to life and the mask
you wear. Read that sign as well to get additional information on what’s in
store this week. (If you don’t know your Rising sign, send your birth date, time
(within 15 minutes either way, city/county to Quan @ www.beliefisnotrequired.com)

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