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Cancer/Cancer Rising* (Jun 21-July 21): Happy Birthday, Moon Child, and many more! Your birthday begins summer in the Northern Hemisphere where love, apple pie and family vacations rule. These days of economic heartache have us coining the word ‘staycation’. When you take time off from your daily grind, but stay in town, it called a staycation. Your feelings have reached a fever pitch. Get on the move! Even if you have to drive around the block to a neighbor to get a massage or eat their food, that is much better than sitting still bemoaning the lot of your life. After all, your sign begins summer. When you begin a season, your consciousness demands you take action. Leave those deep, still and oft overly controlled waters to your fall sibling, Scorpio. Be like the geyser you’re born to be (double entendre intended). One warning (do get your knickers knotted, though): too much undirected energy without reflection could place you into, shall I say, karmic triangles of the not pleasurable variety. Blacking out and no where to go are not recommended.

Leo/Leo Rising* (July 22-Aug 22): Retreat is not a word you take lightly. Pride and its corresponding hidden virtue of self-respect shines some of its best light through the darkest sections of your hurt heart. Our culture does not play well to those who pull back from aggression. Give more than lip service to the adage “choose your battles carefully”. If you must attack directly, gather your community support first. This is not a time for a berserker/commando drive. In other words, you cannot behave as a “group of one”. Pain is not an excuse for outlandishly bad behavior. Your concentrated spirit is meant to be controlled by a mature soul who recognizes a simple truth from physics “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Do not get goaded into protecting a relationship that has no intrinsic value now. Invocative prayer and affirmation works miracles, when you cannot act as directly as you’d like.

Virgo/Virgo Rising* (Aug 22-Sept 22): Genetics Home Reference on their website states “the resources on this site should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care or advice”. Your sign’s work is to learn about the body and soul connection, be it unhealthy or not. Part of your apprenticeship of health has to include knowing when to listen what your body tells regardless of what the professionals tell you. Just because your great-granddaddy died of colon cancer does not mean your hypochondriac ass will. You can disregard their advice in direct proportion to your personal inner work of knowing the messages from your soul about your body. Take back your power that we’ve given collectively to those in “authority”. Oh, when and/or if you do this, make sure you’ve studied your own family’s genetic history. Those energies that could actually alter your inherited physicality is possible. Take a page out of your opposite sign (Pisces), faith based on knowledge equals true wisdom. All your answers cannot, and will not, come from your left brain.

Libra/Libra Rising* (Sep 23-Oct 22): Once you’ve broken a personal taboo, you cannot return to your state of no awareness. You’re sensitive to public opinion, even while you’re trying to get away with murder. This next week or so, you will meet a lover from a past life (or the past in this life). Or you find your mind circulating around thoughts of exceptional beauty, peace and joy. You must simply your philosophy about relating. Too much mental analysis about how it would appear if you go against the acceptable grain will having you losing your distinct bonds. Does it matter what your parents think about your choice of associations. Just keep communicating. No false drama of being misunderstood allowed while at the same time you cease to discuss how you feel. These taboos exist to keep you fearful of being judged, and found wanting. The closer you live, think and feel from full acceptance, paradoxically, the less you will be judged (or care). Aquarians can be really, really helpful in coaching you succeed at more self-love.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising* (Oct 23-Nov 21): It’s a speech thang. Like it can be a woman thang or man thang or whatever personal or cultural identity, this week word choice will make all the difference in the enjoyment of your life. We sense your depth of thought and feeling, therefore we be listening. Yet, should you become excessively provocative, you will be get more than an earful. Don’t normally do this, but your message resembles Leo. A retreat does not mean you are a coward. If someone has become “too close”, you need to retreat, especially when it means keeping the boundaries intact. Adventures work, only when they do not hurt your primary relationship(s). Right words (timing and tone) equals fantasies fulfilled. Keeping unnecessary secrets moves you into the guest room. The same amount of control you exert everywhere must be released through revealing where you could be wounded. I can sense your resistance …

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising* (Nov 22-Dec 19): You’re coming in for a landing into an airfield of joy, pleasure and passion. Wait until this weekend for the slow screw against the wall, metaphorically speaking. To rush the bond could mean not having anything happen be it a spontaneous or planned. Putting a move on too quickly also shows your insecurities, desiring confirmation from the outside, instead of trusting your innate juju. Now is the time to sharpen your juju as you would your favorite knife. Having an introspective talk with the mysteries of life, birth and death nets you the promised land later in the summer. Turn that dreaded relationship statement, “we need to talk” into an admission of a legitimate need not currently being met without imagining the worse.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising* (Dec 21-Jan 19): Earth and air creates a dust bowl, that is, a life without whimsy is bland, easily swayed towards pessimism. Personalities too dependent on social approval, that’s you usually, but it is accentuated this season. With your ruler, Saturn, on the move again in Libra impels you to seek to be the one in control and respected. Yet, you have passionate Mars uprooting your repressions from the sign of Gemini until August 3. You’ll be comparing your output with coworkers, maybe even doing a bit of whistle blowing for those who slack too much. Please do not come home and treat those who love you like they’re your employees. You’ve got a tightrope to walk. One of recognition when perfection is not met and the other, compassion for why it is not so. And, then to add insult to injury, you have to not come off patronizing or insincere. I would not want to walk the fine line you’ve got to at present. However, one guiding aspect, this weekend fun should be earthy, matched with some warm, gentle explosions. If not, back on that aforementioned tightrope …

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising* (Jan 20-Feb 19): Your need for personal expression outpaces your need to do something for your larger community. Expect that you have to access your support system so you’ll have an audience for whatever you’re wanting to show off. Party with a purpose, even if your only intention is to shake your ass on a dance floor. Not casting dispersions on asses and dance floors, yet, you want to be respected for the largest sex organ, your brain. You know how you’re likely to wear no underwear, which symbolizes your free spirited nature, ready for everything, but not open to all things. Here’s your bottom line (usually it takes more energy to top): you are mentally open to any activity, but that does NOT mean your body is. Hell, I’ve known (biblically so) Aquarians that will let those of the opposite sex think that they are ‘gay’ in order to keep them off their proverbial backs. Rarely will this Scorpio challenge your mind fuck like ways (can’t speak for others of my tribe). Want a different life? Think different thoughts. The major spirits who aid you in maintaining your true path (like true north) want your complete and rapt attention.


Pisces/Pisces Rising* (Feb 18-Mar 20): Ancient kings gave their royal blessings. Your inner peasant awaits your favorite king. In today’s world, the “kings” or “royals” would take up much space in your amazingly awesome imagination. Your aristocrats include athletes, culture critics, celebrities, anyone whose image making capacity exceeded what you felt was possible. And, I mean anyone. For whose blessing are you thirsting? Whom do you want to always love you? Draw into your inner circle of ecstasy those whom, if not the genuine article, they resemble your feelings on sublime love. It need not be a ‘gonna take a miracle’ kind of love (do you need to be faded to connect?) First, know and feel, you are loving. It is mostly almost always about you’re learning that love mutates and permeates mutually consenting souls. Dropping masks and having the kind of essential FUN (a.k.a. Fundamental Universal Nonsense), that is what works at the beginning of summer for you. Maybe, you are the royal in which you are searching? Huh, is that too hard to believe? Whoa, the sign here to learn faith has some walls to traverse, no?

Aries/Aries Rising* (Mar 21-Apr 19): “My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever. The bombing begins in five minutes”. Former President Reagan dropped this bomb on his weekly radio test show on August 11, 1984. While you do not have your finger on the “button” or know the nuclear codes, you do have an expert mouth and quick mind. Sometimes you insert foot, but when balanced, you say what needs to be said. So, I’d bet your metaphorical Russia is a cousin, friend who wants more than you or a neighbor. Whoever the culprit, their bad behavior does not give you license to act from anything other than integrity. Your fiery ruler, Mars, burns up your mind in witty Gemini until August 3. Simply put, your tone will display more heat (through smart ass & sarcastic speech). Passion, rarely a problem, can be overdone like a rib eye steak. And, if you’re called to argue or defend yourself, realize you’re coming across more intensely than you intend.

Taurus/Taurus Rising* (Apr 20-May 21): Heart broken? Then, your heart has been operating at too small a level. Heart and small has very little to do with the size of your passion or its representative organ, it has mostly to do with the lack of openness of your connections. A broken heart yearns to be opened for more love. Lose your quiet and resistant pride to love only those who have declared their love first. Taking a risk knot knowing what the other’s response will be means getting over some insecurities. To aid your confidence, search out your ‘like water for chocolate’ beauty. In the book, “Like Water for Chocolate”, the lead character’s feelings would go into any food she cooked. You are standing at the stove of what you want your relationship to be. Not only imagine the perfect lover who manifests the intensity of your joy, but feel what you want him or her to feel for you, because you know what you feel. In a real sense, it is about transcending (but recognizing) your fear of rejection. Take a fascinated paragraph from your complimentary sign of Scorpio, to desire means an exceptional shared life.


Gemini/Gemini Rising* (May 21-Jun 20): Heard from some disgruntled Twins that you did not like not having your own set of lyrics last week. Here they are. The Emotions (water) produced by Earth, Wind and Fire (the other three elements) chiming in some of the best call and response I know of. Love is a flower/from that above/To spread its sunshine/And Make us Love/Beautiful colors shining through/Bless you brother/God is Watching you/Think it over/Life ain’t a four leaf clover/Love is a Flower/Let it shine on through/You know where it’s coming from/God is watching you…We hold the key/to the world’s destiny. No offense intended to the atheists or agnostics of your tribe (did you know that is the fastest growing ‘sect’ of America ‘belief’ system of thought, are those who do not believe in God?) Why not perceive of God as more Goddess, all earthy and fulfilling, instead of abstract and separating? How about more Sagittarius (your opposite, but complimentary sign), that is, connecting and soulful instead of overly questioning and ‘prove it to me’ like you know you can be? Someday we all gon’ be together ala Diana Ross and the Supremes (that is, if we want to be together). Do you long (yearn) for anyone, anything not easily explained? Without recrimination, remember as the amoral air sign of the zodiac, you are here to teach us that thoughts in of themselves are not meant to be judged. So, start with yourself. Sing it sweet and clear, if not from your heart, then in (and from) your exceptionally beautiful mind. Flowers simply show an open life force, an earthy one.

*The Rising Sign a.k.a. Ascendant represents your approach to life and the mask you wear. Read that sign as well to get additional information on what’s in store this week.

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