Operation Rescue reports receiving death threats following killing of George Tiller

Operation Rescue claims death threats against the Wichita-based anti-abortion group have increased since abortion provider George Tiller was gunned down at a church service, the Wichita Eagle reports.

Operation Rescue offers e-mails and phone messages as proof.

Troy Newman, the group’s president, released several statements Friday afternoon.

Among them:

“In spite of threats against us, we will be reaching out to the community

this weekend to pray for peace and memorialize those who have succumbed to

abortion violence, both inside and outside the womb,” said Newman.

“Let’s show the world that, as Christians, we will not shirk back in fear,

but will boldly proclaim the Gospel of Peace and Reconciliation, as our Lord

commands,” Newman said.

For years, Operation Rescue has aggressively targeted abortion providers and clinic workers by driving “Truth Trucks” with images of aborted fetuses through the providers’ and workers’ neighborhoods and sending out postcards listing their phone numbers and addresses.

On Saturday, Operation Rescue will take part in a prayer vigil outside of Tiller’s now-shuttered clinic in Wichita.

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