Open Hand

“Tough Girl” by Open Hand from You and Me (Trustkill):

It seems unlikely that a band as fluid as Open Hand could ever truly reach maturity, but if anyone in the band feels like doing some laurel-resting, now might be a good time. In less than four years, the Los Angeles foursome has gone from being the redheaded stepchild (a damned likeable stepchild) of the predominantly hardcore Trustkill Records to one of its most unlikely flag bearers. Whereas 2003’s The Dream treaded much closer to the label’s proven postpunk formula, the band’s latest full-length, 2005’s You and Me, is epic desert rock that would leave Queens of the Stone Age feeling a little parched. Best of all, the album has Kansas City ties up the wazoo, including production by Paul Malinowski and some vocal guest spots by the Life and Times’ Allen Epley, both formerly of Shiner. If You and Me was done by a band still on its way up, the next album will positively destroy.

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