Old-school frappe at Hatte’s Fine Coffee

The best things in life are freezing cold.That’s what I discovered when I stepped into Hattie’s Fine Coffee (4195 Somerset Drive, Prairie Village). The funky little coffee shop is tucked in the back of the Corinth Square shopping center to the right of the Hen House grocery store.

When I pushed through the door, a blast of bright, roasting coffee hit my nose. When the Folger’s plant is gone from downtown, Hattie’s might just be the way to get the same fix. A wooden counter runs the length of the small, rectangular space and wicker chairs sit open invitingly.  

“What can I get for you?” asked barista and pastry chef Sarah Pryor.

I asked her for the most popular cold drink at Hattie’s, and she started on a frappe without hesitation. She laughed when I asked why the frappes (chocolate, caramel or white chocolate) were best-sellers.

“Oh, maybe because it’s 95 degrees out,” she said. “I think people want to cool down, and this gives you a little bit of sweetness to blend with the coffee taste.” 

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