Obama’s ‘$200 Million A Day’ India trip exposed! Then debunked! But … questions remain!

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As you may have heard, President Obama has made a trip to India, and it’s

costing taxpayers a bazillion dollars because he brought the entire

Seventh Fleet and thousands of campaign contributors.

Oops, sorry, that’s not true — it’s only $200 million a day and he only took 34 warships. Oops, that’s also not true (or as the Wall Street Journal put it, “demonstrably incorrect”) — there’s no tally yet, but no one who actually knows anything about such things (like the Pentagon) will credit the figures.

Several rightbloggers got on the $200 million story quick, and have not

corrected to this day. Others, to their credit, did. But because it’s

Obama, and because they are who they are, there was plenty else to

complain about. (For example, did you know Obama brought a teleprompter? Haw!)

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