Numero Group Releases Collection of St. Louis Soul


Color us jealous. Chicago’s unfailingly awesome Numero Group unveils its newest Eccentric Soul release, a compilation of St. Louis soul called The Young Disciples, on October 21st. The Young Disciples features the work of St. Louis producer and humanitarian Allan Merry and features the tracks “Girls Girls Girls,” “Bang Bang Bang,” and “Love Love Love.” They ought to have called this record Jams, Jams, Jams. From the label’s website:

With nearly eighty local youths involved from both sides of the Mississippi, the Young Disciples (named for one of the area’s most notorious gangs) encompassed solo acts, duos, male and female vocal groups, a massive horn section … Every sweat-drenched recording included here emerged from this grass-roots organization that changed, if not saved, lives.

You can preview the collection or buy it in MP3 form here. I’m partial to “Crumbs From the Table”, but maybe I’m revealing my utter weakness for call-and-response vocals. Local crate diggers, get busy! Any amateur archivist willing to exhume twenty-one tracks of honey sweet soul from Kansas City will win some good press and our undying love. Thanks to our sister blog in St. Louis; you can read their news item and download some MP3s here.

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