Now Open: The Sweet Guy

The Sweet Guy bakery and confectionery shop was an off-the-beaten-path gem in Parkville. A little too off the path. “That’s why we had to close it,” said manager David Reid. Now, four months after shuttering the Parkville location, the Sweet Guy is back in business in a much more central location. It opened last Friday in the heart of Waldo at 7439 Broadway, between Waldo Pizza and Kokoro Maki House.

Reid said the restaurant was attracted to the new location because of familiar faces. “We looked at the Brookside area and here because most of our clientele came from those two places. We chose Waldo because the people from this area are very dedicated to the area. They like to shop here. They can walk here. There’s lots of foot traffic. It’s one of those family areas.”

The Sweet Guy is a misleading name for a shop that sells a variety of products — sweet and not.

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