Now Open: C. Withers Restaurant & Catering

A couple of my friends had raved to me about the new restaurant at 3613 Broadway, a home-style barbeque restaurant called C. Withers Restaurant & Catering. But my friend Richard Strong, who lives in the neighborhood, practically demanded that I eat there.

“The food is fantastic. And so inexpensive!”

The family-owned business is located in the narrow storefront last occupied by the Nigat Ethiopian Restaurant. The simple black awning over the entrance doesn’t say much — other than the owner’s name — about the business. But this joint is definitely worth a visit. I tasted some of the best ribs, chicken wings, cornbread and side dishes that I’ve eaten in this town. And yes, the fare is modestly priced.

But for one day — next Tuesday, June 2 — owner Cardell Withers is serving a lunch for $1.03 as part of a promotion with local radio station 103 KPRS-FM.  What, I asked him, can you serve for a buck and three pennies? “Three chicken wings and a side dish,” he told me.

And baby, those chicken wings are good. And you haven’t lived until you’ve tasted cheesecake-flavored cornbread.

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