Now it’s the Swedes

A big Fat City congratulations to fellow Pitch blogger Alan Scherstuhl who has made the big time. By big time I am of course referring to a Swedish newspaper publishing a picture of Scherstuhl’s cat eating Rush Limbaugh’s grandma’s Jell-O salad. (How many possessives can one sentence have?)

Running the caption through an online translator it reads: “Here we have an “Under the sea salad”, consisting of Jell-O, cream

cheese and black olives. The being at the top of the image is Limbaugh

shortly before he was to pajen [?], and turned into a two meter high bäbis [?].”

If any of our huge Swedish audience could translate pajen or bäbis that would be great. I like to think bäbis means something like turd. 

Scherstuhl originally published the photo in his ongoing series Studies in Crap and a taste test revealed that yes, it definitely tastes crappy. I know the Swedish Chef would never make this.

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