Now Hiring: Paint this dude’s van

Badass auto detailing? Bartering? All that’s missing from the 1970s in this Craigslist ad asking for help painting a Nixon-era Ford Econoline van is a long line at the filling station (that’s what folks used to call, like, Conoco in the pre-self-serve days) to gas it up when you’re done.

To wit:

I have a 1973 Ford econo line van that needs to be painted. I have some

ideas as to what I want done but it will require someone with some

skills. Here is what I am offering, I need good advertisement for my

business which will occupy the rear and the top portions of the sides

towards the rear, the rest of the van is your canvas to do with what

you want. I would like to see colorful psychedelic art work but I have

an open mind. I may be able to compensate you but don’t expect a lot

maybe a couple hundred. I may be able to work out a trade for labor. I

could offer advertisement space for your use on the van. I may be able

to afford you time to take the van to art shows, car shows, or any

other shows that would benefit you. Call me to see if we could work

something out.

Now’s your chance to work out your mermaid obsession while you make a little beer money and enter the service-based economy at the basement level.

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