Not Footsy

Often, when people see an intriguing sport on cable television, they ignore it. Not so the Kansas City Power, KC’s entrant in the U.S. Australian Rules Football League. Since 1998, the team has played “footy,” an exciting sport combining the violence of rugby and the free-flowing style of a well-played soccer match. A number of clubs and teams formed organically throughout this country thanks to an Australian highlight package shown late at night on some American sports channels. The Power and other U.S. participants clearly love the fluid, fast-paced game. The Power’s last home game of the season happens at 11 a.m. at Blue River Park (122nd Street and Blue River Road) against the Dallas Magpies. Both teams play Australian footy not because it is popular or shown on ESPN endlessly but because they enjoy it. Tickets are free, with beverages both allowed and encouraged. Call 816-588-2109 for details, or see QueenIn the talent competition at this year’s Miss Missouri pageant, Miss Gateway St. Louis Erika Hebron went with a lyrical dance set to the song “Brave” — and went on to win the crown. Though it’s possible that participants in this year’s Miss Riot Room contest might perform similar dance-type moves in the talent competition, they also must dazzle the judges in the glam, sleepwear, Q&A and sleaze categories. In its third year, the “rock-&-roll beauty pageant” (sponsored by Newcastle, Heineken and Dos Equis) features its biggest music lineup yet with Roman Numerals, the Slowdown, Waiting for Signal and Audiovox. To the winner go the spoils: $250, a Heineken electric guitar, a one-year VIP pass to the Riot Room, and a shitload of beer swag. The competition begins at 9:30 p.m. at 4048 Broadway. See for $10 advance tickets; the 21-and-older event is likely to sell out.

Sat., Aug. 7, 2010