Noah Cyrus transcends her family name in sold out show at The Truman

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Noah Cyrus. // Photo by Hannah Strader

Noah Cyrus is a legendary act in her own right. Her lyricism is extraordinary, the genre is a perfect fit and she naturally owns the stage, even when she just stands still. (Appreciate this pun, please.)

A surprisingly varied crowd packed the floor of the sold out show to see the 22-year old perform. As more people trickled in, early arrivals enjoyed a short set by the opener—singer-songwriter gigi.

Once gigi wrapped up her set, anticipation began to fill the air as a few fans started chanting Noah’s name. 

A lot of things have changed since her first foray into music, a single called “Make Me (Cry)” that was a collaboration with Euphoria hitmaker Labrinth in 2016. It was a mainstream pop tune that she credits her career to, but she has made a major pivot since then.

In 2020, her EP The End of Everything gave listeners a hint of what she had up her sleeve. A mostly acoustic collection of songs with a feature by Leon Bridges, it was robustly grounded, folk and country leaning. 

While Cyrus may be best known in relation to her more famous family members, she proved easily she could stand on her own with this year’s release. The Hardest Part is her first full length album and has a surprising allure over older generations of country music fans. 

Excitement was in the air as she stepped out in a nude-colored dress with a bandana over her hair. It took her no time to dive into “Noah (Stand Still)”—a foundational song in the album inspired by her self-reflections and close familial relationships. 

There was camaraderie within the audience as they pushed forward for better views, singing along to the songs they knew and energetically responding to a cover of The Chicks’ “Cowboy Take Me Away.”

Though most people began to shuffle out after the last song, those who stayed for the encore were treated with some of her most popular deep cuts, fan favorites that had everyone on their toes. Those who caught her show at this small of a venue should look forward to bragging about it in the years to come.

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