No nudity in Missouri strip clubs? Matt Bartle still has hard-on for adult businesses

Puritanical Missouri state Sen. Matt Bartle‘s crusade against Missouri strip clubs has resurrected in the midst of a federal investigation of pay-for-play politics in the Show-Me State.

We’ve been here before. The Kansas City Star says Bartle’s bill, S.B. 586, which the Senate endorsed, would:

  • outlaw nudity in strip clubs

  • require a six-foot buffer between strippers and customers

  • shut down adult entertainment businesses between midnight and 6 a.m.

  • outlaw liquor sales at strip clubs

  • create a 1,000-foot buffer zone between adult businesses and schools, churches, day cares, libraries, parks, homes and other adult businesses.

Kansas City state Sen. Jolie Justus tried to exempt KC due to the city’s existing restrictions on adult entertainment businesses, but her amendment (which Bartle said would make Kansas city a “porn capital of America”) was shot down.

Photo by Luke Echterling

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