NIN/JA Review: Nine Inch Nails, Wednesday, May 27, 2009 at Starlight Theatre

Industrial metal, with its popping synth, is music better suited to the indoors. But last night at Starlight Theatre, Nine Inch Nails did its best to create an appropriate mood.

Smoke billowed on stage throughout the set; row after row of blinding lights flashed on and off in time with the music. Projections on a screen (like what headliner Jane’s Addiction would use later) would have been nice, however. Back in the day, NIN was kind of a pioneer in the realm of creepy music videos. But — especially if yesterday hadn’t been so depressing and overcast — the bugs and scalpels and bondage wouldn’t have projected at a performance that started and ended before night fell completely.

And so, Trent Reznor and the cast of musicians currently backing him served up a stripped-down show, featuring most — but by no means all — of NIN’s hits, a little too much new stuff, plus a few old treats for the fans who’ve been hating themselves along with Reznor all these years.

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