News From the Calamity Camp

First up, the Calamity Cubes are doing an in studio appearance tomorrow on KKFI 90.1’s Vibes With Val Show at 10:30pm.

They’re playing in front of a club audience at Davey’s Uptown October 10, with Adam Lee and the Dead Horse Sound Company and Cletus Got Shot. The Cubes’ Joe Henry will also be a part of the Old Canes‘ CD release show for Feral Harmonic at the Jackpot on October 13. Henry worked on a couple of songs on the new album, and will be helping perform them live.

If you want to find out more of what’s going on with the band, they did an interview with Chicago’s anti-pop country podcast It Burns When I Pee.

MP3: the Calamity Cubes, “Bear Vs. Scientist”

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