New video for local producer Hataraqq features vintage jazzercise clips

Javan Brewer, a.k.a. Hataraqq, is a Kansas City producer who specializes in trippy, synthed-out beats, and his song “Slow Wok” happens to be a perfect match for vintage jazzercise clips and Eddie Murphy bit samples. 

Chris DeLine, formerly of Mills Record Co. and currently residing in Nashville, put the video together. 

“He [Brewer] wanted something like Daft Punk’s ‘Revolution 909’  with sped-up, found footage,” DeLine says. So I went back and I ripped a couple tapes and I used this weird Buns of Steel video I found at Goodwill. It’s kind of fun.” 

The video is a quickie, clocking in just under two minutes, and it’s a nice little way to break up a slow Monday at the office. 

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