New tunes from the Spook Lights better than an April Fools’ prank

We’re barely at the halfway mark of April Fools’ Day, and we’re already tiring of the “so-and-so is married / dead / in a relationship / divorced” updates on our Facebook feed. This is to say nothing of the various Internet pranks being perpetrated (everybody’s on to you, Think Geek), although Punknews running 10,000 different reviews for the new Dopamines record is pretty damned clever.

No, we’re excited for real news. While the Spook Lights are probably more interested in us plugging the Kickstarter campaign for their next movie, the Galactic Jungle, we noticed that they’ve got recordings of three new tunes up on their website. Head on over to Scarum Harum, and check out streaming versions of “Black Lagoon, “Indecent Desire,” and “Summertime Confidential.”

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