New Stuff From the Record Machine

Lots of new tunes from local label the Record Machine, whom I’ve loved ever since they released the James Dean Trio‘s Getting Scary six years ago. They do quality work, these kids.

First up is a proper EP from former Billions frontman Sam Billen. It’s called Tokyo Sessions, and it’s a teaser for a full-length coming later this year. The Record Machine says:

“Sam Billen took a family vacation in June of 2009 to visit his in-laws in Tokyo. While he was there, he decided to buy an inexpensive acoustic guitar and work on writing some new songs. All of the songs on Tokyo Sessions are inspired by experiences in Tokyo and thoughts about life in ‘the big city’. All five songs were written and recorded on his laptop computer in the guest room of his in-laws house in a matter of two weeks”

You can download or stream Tokyo Sessions here.

In addition, TRM has many records that have either come out recently or will be out soon, and they’d like to share some cuts off those records, if you be so inclined. There’s everything from the newly released Max Justus electronicky dance sensation, No Mercy, to the Stephen Merrit/Magnetic Fields inspired State Bird, as well as forthcoming tunes off the new Parade Schedule and Caleb Winn. And you can hear all of that on the Record Machine Summer 2009 Sampler! For free! Hooray!

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