New roadwork plan doubles efforts toward repairing the city’s sinking streets

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Kansas City is doubling its budget toward filling the holes and cracks of its streets. // Image courtesy of

Kansas City is allocating a lot more toward its occasionally sinking streets as part of the city’s new roadwork budget.

The budget doubles the city’s spending on roadwork needs like filling cracks and maintaining surfaces, as well as ramping up the number of roads fixed each fiscal year.


The city’s Street Preservation Program for the year promises $39 million toward street repairs, over 2,600 improved street segments, and dedicated funding from each council district. It also includes nearly 240 lane miles worth of resurfacing, 145 lane miles worth of micro surfacing, and 150 lane miles for crack sealing.

According to city leaders, this plan also means that utility companies have the responsibility to return any recently resurfaced roads to their shiny condition if the makeover is undone by digging during fixes.

If enforced, this plan could go a long way toward ensuring Kansas Citians no longer have to experience the small heart attack of the drop into or serve around a pothole. A doubled budget for infrastructure improvements takes significant steps toward eliminating this longtime concern among city officials and residents. See the plan mapped out in its entirety here.

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