One source of our pothole problem: pipes in KCMO cover more area than other major cities combined

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Using Geographic Information Systems, Kansas City Water created an infographic that can be linked to KCMO’s pothole problem. KC Water maintains 2800 miles of pipe through the 319 square miles of Kansas City, MO. As the graphic shows, the area the water company serves is greater than San Francisco, Miami, Philadelphia, and Boston combined (266 square miles).

That’s a whole lot of roads.

In a tweet from KCMO city council member Eric Bunch, Bunch reminds followers the city has over 6000 lane miles of streets to maintain. Though this distance adds up to the four combined cities previously mentioned, KCMO only has a fraction of the economic revenue to take care of its streets.

Last year, KCUR published an article about KC’s pothole problem that reaches much further than city limits. Though Missouri was the leading state for pothole complaints according to a graph created using geotagged Twitter data in January 2020, denser populated cities around the country have also fought for smooth streets.

Kansas Citians can access a map of reported potholes through 311 Action Center, data that is recorded when drivers make a complaint about specific potholes in the city.

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