New Releases, Tuesday, June 1

Sleigh Bells‘ Treats, the most hysterically hyped debut of 2010, gets its physical release today. (It’s been out digitally since May 11.) If you even casually read about music on the web, you have probably heard at least a few tracks. If not, they sound like Crystal Castles or M.I.A. (who is releasing the album through her N.E.E.T. label in conjunction with Mom + Pop Records), or about nine hundred other acts that Internet People have compared them to. The Brooklyn duo’s very huge, very awesome, bone-rattling production may or may not translate well to vinyl.

Sludge lifers Melvins have officially released their — are you ready to feel old as dirt? No, seriously, are you ready? — 18th studio album. The Bride Screamed Murder, out on Ipecac Records, is their first since 2008’s Nude With Boots. Big Business alums Coady Willis and Jared Warren are still full-time members of the band (as they have been since 2006), and Buzz Osborne, aka King Buzzo, aka Sideshow Bob, remains one of the weirdest/coolest-looking dudes in rock. 
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