New Music Monday: Watch the music video for the Buhs’ ‘Can’t Let Go’ featuring Julia Haile

It’s likely that you know the Buhs because you’re familiar with the supergroup’s individual members: Diverse Jazz trumpeter Hermon Mehari, rapper Reach, Hearts of Darkness drummer Brad Williams, singer Lee Langston, singer Julia Haile, drummer Ryan J. Lee, keyboardist Kinyon Price, guitarist Tim Braun, bass player Ben Leifer, singer Anthony Saunders and rapper Les Izmore. Since 2013, these seven players — or some combination of them — have been getting together to perform whenever they can, and the setlist is usually cover songs. Sophisticated, groovy cover songs. 

But the Buhs have always had bigger plans. On Sunday, the group released a music video for “Can’t Let Go,” an original song written by Saunders, Haile, Williams, Braun, Leifer and Mehari — the first, Mehari says, of many original music videos that will build up the Buhs’ debut full-length release sometime this year.  

“Can’t Let Go” features Haile on lead vocals, and the smoky, regretful ballad is perfect for her. The video was shot entirely in Paris, just a few days after the Paris attacks in November. 

Bonus: Earlier this month, the Buhs recorded a rehearsal session at YJ’s Snack Bar. Here’s another original song, “How to Fish,” this one written by Reach. 

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