New Music Monday: Temp Tats, at RecordBar tonight, debut their album Ions

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In September, during an interview, the members of Temp Tats tried to put their music into words, calling it “prog-soul” and “spastic R&B.” Listening to the foursome’s debut release, Ions, out today, I’d say their descriptions were accurate.

Recorded by Jorge Arana (of the similarly experimental Jorge Arana Trio), Ions plays out like a Ritalin-abusing kid’s hyperactive fusion of sounds. Smooth jazz drumming spirals into keyboard notes that sound soft and build into something riotous. Lead singer Eric Schuman has a tenor that floats above the chords, mostly chill except for the occasional metal-like scream (“Cinnamon Spices”). It makes for a listen that is usually groovy and constantly surprising. 

You can stream the whole album here or download it for yourself on the band’s BandCamp
The release show for Ions is tonight at RecordBar — one of the final shows at the venue, which closes for good on January 1. Riala and Via Luna open. Details here

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